With over 12,000 entries every year, the Hudsonville Fair takes great pride in the variety of exhibits and quality of work that are displayed throughout our livestock barns and exhibit halls. Whether it’s the thrill of competition, the prize money or winning that desired blue ribbon or Best in Show rosette, every exhibitor has his or her own special reason for participating. We thank all of our exhibitors, past and present, for sharing the results of their efforts and talents. We encourage everyone, especially those who have never exhibited, to give it a try this year!


Take a stroll through our six livestock barns and you’ll come face to face with the best premium animals around. Beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses, draft horses, goats, llamas, poultry, rabbits, sheep and swine – we have it all! Check our daily schedules to find out times for Showmanship competitions.


Whether your passion is in the personal skills areas of art, baking, canning, crafts & collections, needlework and photography or it is plant science such as Christmas trees, flowers, fruits, giant pumpkin or horticulture, there is no shortage of categories to peak a fairgoers interest. These exhibit areas truly exemplify the variety of products that are so beautifully displayed in the exhibit halls of the Hudsonville Community Fair.


One of our largest exhibit departments can be found in the Youth area. There is nothing but smiles all around when these youngsters come in to find their special entry has won a ribbon at the Hudsonville Community Fair! And we can only bet that our littlest exhibitors grow into our exhibitors in the big buildings as they get older.


They all have their reason for being in Youth Clubs. Wonder how tap dancers do the paradiddle? Curious how many eggs chickens lay? Love horses but live in town? Dream of inventing a robot to do your chores? Curious how rabbits air-condition themselves? Itching to learn about poison ivy? Wonder how to become president? Curious how bees make a buzz? Dream about hitting a bulls-eye? Thumb more brown than green? Looking for an all-in-one activity?

Life’s little questions aren’t meant to be answered alone. Join Youth Clubs where kids learn practical things like pet care, growing gardens or building things – and important values like responsibility.

Pick your program(s) Youth Club military families, youth mentoring, animal science (dairy cattle, goats, horses & ponies, livestock, poultry, rabbits & cavies, veterinary science) Arts, career preparation, character education, clothing & textiles, clover buds, communications, community service & learning, environmental & outdoors Education, food – health & well-being, global & cultural education, leadership & citizenship, plants, soils & gardening , science & technology, shooting sports, youth entrepreneurship, youth money management.

The Hudsonville Community Fair supports all the Youth Club programs and you can find our large exhibit in the Youth Club barns exhibit area.